The Sites

Urban Fallow spans four urban centres in Hampshire exploring areas of lands which are either in a state of change or are being reclaimed by nature due to a slowdown in human activity.

The Theatre Plaza, Chantry Street, Andover

The Theatre Plaza site has been boarded up for a long time, partly because any redevelopment would have had to  include a listed Tudor Cottage. The name of the scheme, Theatre Plaza, was inspired by its location. The future plaza sits between the town’s theatre, The Lights, the historical centre and the commercial district. It will open up a new pedestrian route, which will become one of the town’s main thoroughfares. At least, during day time….

The scheme was affected by recent events and its implementation has now been staggered. Half will be developed from next year, leaving the other half boarded up. Urban Fallow will commission a temporary intervention to activate its dormant half…read more

Various sites in Basing View, Basingstoke

Basing View was developed during the 1970s to meet the increasing demand for office spaces. Located within minutes from the M3 and the station, it is a short trip from London. Today the ‘Dallas of Hampshire’ is home to high profile corporations, local businesses, a start-up incubator, and a hidden suspended garden. However, a good portion of its office stock is empty or obsolete and the business park is up for a major a make-over. Urban Fallow will take advantage of the changes ahead and activate post-demolition sites. One site has seen Gas Works taken out in the 1960s whilst the other one, is waving good-bye to its occupier, City Wall House, as it is currently being flattened.  Clouds of concrete dust…read more

Multiple sites in Eastleigh

Eastleigh lies at the northern site of Southampton, in fact, Southampton Airport should be called Eastleigh International Airport. Eastleigh saw the first Spitfire flight, and today, it is home to a dynamic arts centre, The Point. It is on the Itchen Way, a path which follows the valley of the Itchen River and goes through Winchester’s historic centre. Eastleigh owes its name from the Saxon word Leah…read more

Silver Hill, Winchester

Silver Hill covers a vast area of Winchester town’s centre and includes amongst others, the Friarsgate car park, the main bus station, a former NHS clinic, the post office and a large part of the centre’s shopping district. For years, the City Council have been in negotiation with developers to redevelop this prime area of land. They appointed Thornfields, in 2004 but unfortunately  they have since gone into administration.

Whilst the council is actively looking for a suitable candidate, Urban Fallow will take a high perspective on the situation by ‘adopting’ the top floor of the Friarsgate Car Park. A unique viewpoint on its heritage can be enjoyed from up there …read more


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