The Silver Hill Area

The Bus Station in the Silver Hill area

The Silver Hill area of Winchester City Centre (also sometimes known as Broadway Friarsgate) has been earmarked for regeneration for several years. The site includes the bus station, Wool Staplers warehouse, the medical buildings on Friarsgate and Tanner Street, Kings Walk, The Post Office, Friarsgate multi storey car park and properties fronting Silver Hill, including the Sainsburys supermarket.

After six years of dialogue, in December 2004 Winchester City Council entered into a development agreement with Thornfield Properties plc to bring forward the redevelopment of this part of the City Centre, in accordance with the adopted Broadway Friarsgate planning brief. Thornfields have now gone into administration leaving the site in a state of limbo, some buildings are partially empty such as the medical buildings on Friarsgate, whilst others such as the bus station are in full use.

Site assets

The site is in the centre of town.
A diverse range of building stock, which are currently used for diverse purposes.
An internationally known city with a fascinating history.
Highly developed tourist trade.
Winchester School of Art.

The Rat of Friarsgate Car Park


4 responses to “Winchester

  1. Judith Martin

    Having heard Michael’s talk at Cafe Culture it’s clear that this is a fabulous opportunity for something really different for Silverhill. With luck it will even lead on to a different approach to the development of the entire site. Town planning is too important to be left to the planners – bring on the artists and those who can make us smile. Let’s have developments that lift the heart and not just the developer’s bank balance.

    • Urban Fallow presents the opportunity to show an alternative Silver Hill and perhaps make us all think about what is not conventionally valued or considered part of its heritage. It was interesting, for example, to hear that little shrines are improvised by those who use the car park as a temporary shelter. It does suggest that there is more than one side of the story, and if some of the car park users are notorious for leaving a trail of dirt behind them, there are also those who try to make a stair landing feel homely!

  2. I am interested in making contact as a lecturer at Winchester School of Art and see if there is any connections we can make. I organise teaching on Level One Fine Art and we would welcome opportunities for contact in some way with artists participating in the project. At the meeting at Cafe Culture it was also mentioned that contact might be useful with those working at the Yard studios, and I would be interested in fostering this.

    • Hello Andrew,

      We would like to work in connection with Winchester School of Art. We are in the process of developing the program so we will contact you once the project is more advanced. By the way, were you involved in the Student show which took place in Friarsgate car park? We would love to see some documentation of it if you were.

      I’ll email you about your offer of putting us in touch with the Yard studios artists.


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