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Hampshire Waterways and The Urban Fallow project

We are interested in how waterways connect in Hampshire and whether or not they can link the four Urban Fallow sites. This idea was inspired by the French contemporary art festival Estuaire, whose third and last programme will take place in 2011. Temporary and permanent artworks have been commissioned around the Loire River from Nantes to the Esturary in St Nazaire. The idea is simple but efficient.

So far we have gathered the following facts:

– The River Itchen connects Winchester to Southampton via Eastleigh. Part of the connection is through a canal now being restored called Itchen Navigation. There were plans to link Basingstoke’s canal to Itchen navigation but these were never realised.

– The Eastleigh borough is bound by water namely Southampton Waters and the River Hamble.

-The river Test, Itchen and Hamble all flow into Southampton Waters. According to the Southampton Entry on Wikipedia,  ‘Southampton Water is classified as a ria, or drowned valley, of the English Channel. It was formed by the rivers Test, Itchen and Hamble which flow in to it, and became an inlet of the sea at the end of the last ice age when sea levels rose, flooding many valleys in the south of England.’

– The River Anton which  flows through Andover is a tributary of the River Test